If you face any issues during the match, please email

Before contacting us for any issues, have you tried:
  • All available stream qualities? We have streams ranging from 4MB/s to 450kb/s.
  • To access stream on all available servers? We have multiple dedicated servers for you!
  • To watch via HLS streaming? We provide streams via Flash as well as non-flash HLS.
  • To watch via Smart TV? You need to open this LINK via SmartTV browser

If you've tried all of them then please do the following before contacting us:

  1. Go to www.speedtest.net - Before clicking "GO" please change the server to Amsterdam, Holland and then click GO
  2. Email us the speed results and explain the issue in details.

We also provide remote support via Teamviewer, if you'd like us to help you via Teamviewer then please also include you Teamviewer ID & Password!