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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is provides cricket lovers around the world with a alternative way to enjoy their favourite sport from the comfort of their PC/Laptop/Smartphone/Tablets. Our service is very affordable & professional.

How do I register at
Purchasing access to live events is easy fast and secure, we are verisign secured. Simply click on
Sign up/Register on the website and follow the steps.

Basic Requirements?
High speed internet connection atleast 3MB or more | Windows and Mac | Browsers: Internet Explorer / Google Chrome / Mozilla FireFox | - Make sure you check our Demo to see which stream suits you the best!

Can I watch the stream on a smartphone?
Yes, as well as desktop / laptop streaming you can watch the match on your smartphone. We provide a separate iOS stream which can be viewing through Safari Browser easily. No need to install an app! If you have an Android smartphone then we have an App which you can download from Google Play Store, please search '' and install the app - You may also need to install MXPlayer and use that to play the streams as some default android player do not play high quality x264 encoded streams!

Can I watch your streams on an Apple Mac computer?
That�s possible, all you need is flash installed on your MAC

Do I need a broadband connection to watch a stream?
Yes, you must have a broadband connection which can either be a DSL or Cable Internet connection, to be able to watch the live video. We recommend users to see the demo before buying

Can I use wireless internet connection to watch a stream?
Yes, you can watch our stream by using wireless internet connection or router. We use advanced streaming technology, which enables you to watch our stream through wireless internet or router or firewall. We recommend users to see the demo before buying. You can see the demo by
Clicking Here

Before I register, I want to get an idea of the video quality. How can I do that?
For a sample of the video quality, we recommend that you visit our
demo stream section and test our demo. We encourage all our users to play the sample clip, prior to registering.

What will the quality of the video be in a live scenario, when there is a lot of traffic?
The video in a live scenario will be streamed at on a variable bit rate basis, this means that we set a maximum upstream rate and your computer will automatically download the at the most suitable bit rate for your connection speed and system setup. We currently provide access to streams at bit rates ranging from 600kb/s up to 1200kb/s to 3000kb/s (720p 59fps), as demonstrated on the demo page.

I missed the live game, do you show replays?
We provide on-demand coverage of all India/Pakistan matches and most other matches and they are included in all the packages. We provide full re-runs which are then replaced with highlights within 24-48 hours!

What does the payment cover?
The payment amount will permit access to the streams for the duration of the package or event you purchased.
Please note that the streams might be offline while matches are not on. The stream will be online at least 15 min prior to start of the match, however In most cases you will be provided with a 24/7 stream.

Can I share my account with my friend or relative?
NO - You can not do that, our system will pick up multiple people logging in and will block your account automatically, if you wish your friend or relative to enjoy the same coverage then simply ask them to sign up! Remember our automatic IP detection software will LOCK your account immediately so do not ever try to share - Don't blame us afterwards!
If you have multiple devices at home i.e Laptops/Mobiles/Tablets/PS3 and you wish to watch on either, make sure you logout from one device before logging in from another. YOU CAN NOT BE LOGGED IN FROM TWO DEVICES AT ONE GIVEN TIME!

What happens once my account is locked?
Your account will stay locked for 48 hours and that's the final warning. You can contact us after 48 hours to get it unlocked. If your account is locked 2nd time for multiple IPs detection, we will close the account permenantly without refund.

Can I connect my computer to the television set and watch your streams on my TV instead?
Yes you can connect your computer to the TV screen, and watch the streaming services on your TV instead of your computer. Many computer graphic cards now have S-Video outputs, which will allow you to run an S-Video cable direct from your TV or video equipment. You can also watch right through Smart TV's browsers.

27/09/2018 - Our services are no longer available in India
If you have any question please feel free to contact us on [email protected]

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